Launch night

Thursday 12th October 2017

Event start: 18.00

The Piano Bar, New Wimbledon Theatre

The launch of the AFC Wimbledon Business Club was a fantastic success with over 80 guests attending.

Ex-England international John Salako and former AFC Wimbledon defender Rhys Weston, who started his career with Arsenal, listened to speeches by Merton Council Leader Stephen Alambritis and our Commercial Director Ivor Heller.

A factor which made the experience unique and refreshing was the sheer diversity of the companies which took part. In terms of size, there is a great deal of variety, from the one-man bands to the multimillionaire enterprises.

It will soon be seen what we can achieve as a community Ivor Heller

The distinction in sectors was also outstanding, with companies from construction, travel, electric, health & fitness, legal, IT, consulting, prints, chemical, retail, media, marketing, entertainment, banking, financial and automotive sectors all represented.

It all took place in a venue of crucial importance to AFC Wimbledon's formation – the New Wimbledon Theatre.

After having over 20 businesses join, the event presented itself as an exciting opportunity to bring them all together for the first time. The event kicked off at the Piano Bar with fantastic Italian delicacies courtesy of Vallebona, and exceptional cocktail mixes from Myatt’s Fields Cocktails.

With the event underway, the business club members were addressed by Ivor Heller, who presented and closed out the event, and Neil Chandler, from the New Wimbledon Theatre, who presented the venue to attendants.

Embracing everything that goes on around football is very important John Salako

American Tim Hentschel, the founder of HotelPlanner, also took the stage to speak about his ties to AFC Wimbledon, due to our community-oriented approach and values.

An entertaining after-party involved moving on to Smash Bar for extended fun, drinks and a bit of Ping Pong. Despite one or two fiercely competitive matches, business relationships were formed for years to come!

If you are interested in signing up to the AFC Wimbledon Business Club or for more information, contact Pietro Palladino at