Wine tasting

Thursday 23rd November 2017

Event start: 18.00

The Garratt & Gauge Bar

On Thursday 23rd November, the AFC Wimbledon Business Club members met once again, a month later, for a very entertaining wine tasting. The event saw 40 attendees gather at The Garratt and Gauge pub in Wimbledon for a fantastic evening of wine, food, networking and a lot of fun!

The occasion was a great opportunity to meet some of our new members, who joined up since last month’s launch event. The likes of Geeks, Ely’s, Jemca, Hother Associates and CKS Media attended the exclusive event.

Mark Gordon of Wimbledon Brewery, said when interviewed:

The launch of the exciting Wimbledon TV – a brand-new TV show which will soon be coming to Wimbledon – also took place, offering great coverage, reporting and other antics.

The wines were provided by Majestic Wimbledon, who carried out a “Call My Bluff” competition format for the wine tasting. This made it an opportunity for members to show off their wine knowledge, sparking their competitive nature and making it a wonderful and fun-packed evening.

Food was served for a half-time break, courtesy of The Garratt and Gauge, as members had to recuperate amidst all the wine drinking. For those who have not been to The Garratt and Gauge yet, we recommend it to all AFC Wimbledon fans as they will feel very at home thanks to the “Womble till I die” and “It only took 9 beers” imagery which can be found within.

We had the chance to catch up with Suzy Wood, Centre Director of Centre Court Shopping Centre, who said:

The event has been excellent. I am really excited about the AFC Wimbledon Business Club. It really gives us an opportunity to meet more people out in the community, which is always appreciated. I think it’s a really great thing that they’ve done to get us all together at some really great events

To close out the wine tasting, the results were given, and the victorious team celebrated as they were each given a prize bottle of champagne for their excellent wine culture, awareness and expertise.

Once the wine tasting had finished, only the bravest of members extended their stay at the Garratt and Gauge for some drinks and further networking.

If you are interested in signing up to the AFC Wimbledon Business Club or for more information, contact Pietro Palladino at